Elf Ears (supersweets) wrote,
Elf Ears

I am going to have a brother!

 Hi ladies!
Hope you're all doing splendid. I just wanted to let you all know some fun Chilean news...Evan and I are engaged!!! I wanted to make sure you chicas know before going "public" on the Book! :) We went for a long weekend in the north of Chile and Evan proposed in the romantic setting of a camping area where we were sleeping in the car, drinking a $4 box of 1.5 liters of wine - we went to the bathroom and when we came out he proposed. hehe At least it was on the beach! But I thought he was joking at first because it was dark and I couldn't see the ring so I figured he found some circular plastic object on the bathroom floor but this time it was for real. So yay! We're engaged but not going to get married until probably fall 2014. Plenty of time to plan the fiesta and just as important, plenty of time to plan Machu Pichu!
Love you all and can't wait to see you in July!!!

Katy called me Sunday night and told me. I was the first person they told so I feel extra loved. I was so happy about the news I thought I would supernova from joy and destroy the city of Sunnyvale. Sooooo Happy!!!!
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