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Halloween 2012!!!


I have been having the most amazing week. Busy busy busy but all fun.  I think I will break this letter down by days because I cannot come up with a better way to organize it.

Wednesday (10/24) – After work I went with Cathleen up to SF. We were meeting Noah for dinner and a whiskey tasting event but got to the city way earlier than expected, so we sat in a bar and watched some of the World Series. I was totally joining the bandwagon. I couldn't care less about baseball, but it is impossible to not get into it when you are in a packed bar watching the hometown team kick ass.

When Noah finally joined us we went to dinner at a Thai place and then to a Johnnie Walker tasting event. This was the third whiskey event in as many weeks and I am starting to learn a little about it. I don’t really like most of the whiskies but the high end ones are pretty easy to drink. I got to try the Johnnie Walker Blue, and I could tell the difference between that and the crummier ones we drank earlier.

Noah @ Whiskey Tasting

Thursday (10/25) - I got a kickass Groupon for a sushi restaurant in Sunnyvale, so my buddy Liz from PwC came and joined me for dinner. The Groupon was only $20 and it got us Sake, an appetizer and two sushi roles of whatever we wanted. The restaurant was one of the good sushi places with lots and lots of fancy roles. The total for all the food was $50, so we left a $10 tip. $30 total for everything. I was very pleased and full. J

Liz is an excellent seamstress and really into making costumes so after dinner she came over and helped Susan and I decide on costumes for the next several nights of Halloween themed events. Liz promised to teach Susan, Courtney and I how to sew and make tutus. I do not know when this will happen, but someday I will have lots of brightly colored tutus.

Friday (10/26) – Friday was AWESOME. Sarah Peck has a friend whose 30th birthday is Halloween, so he rented out a bar near the Castro and told people to come, drink the free booze at his open bar until the tab runs out, and invite all their friends. Sarah brought Robert & Susan and Susan brought me. I in turn brought Adam and his boyfriend Damien, and Damien brought his best friend Anna. There was a password to get into the party, so random people off the street could come in, but otherwise it was a free for all.

I love Halloween and this party was the way to do it. Almost everyone was dressed up and having a great time. I got to meet lots of interesting people, play a little shuffle board, dance and watch the parade of interesting costumes. The bar was called The Office and my favorite costume was a girl who came as Ms. Scarlett from the boardgame clue. She also brought with her a lead pipe, so she was Ms. Scarlett in The Office with a lead pipe. There was also a guy dressed as Scuba Steve and another dude who was a binder full of women (reference to the presidential election here, not sure if you will get the joke).  I have included a lot of photos from the event so you can see some of my favorite costumes.

I was an army chic, Susan was a lady pirate, Sarah was the color blue and Robert was the tooth fairy. Robert’s costume made him very popular on the Castro. No one on the Castro would believe he was a straight man. It was pretty funny. Susan also got mistaken for a tranny, which having been in that situation before, I found vary amusing.

Saturday (10/27) – Saturday morning I was lazy and around 1 Joe came back from work. Cathleen was having a costume/housewarming party and he needed to find stuff for a costume. He wanted to be a zombie Mormon missionary. We went to Goodwill, a Spirit Halloween store and Target. Gene was also a Mormon missionary, but not in zombie form.

Joe likes baseball so we went over to Fibbar’s for a while to watch part of the World Series and have dinner. I got some delicious mac & cheese. Yum. We couldn’t stay for the whole game, but I got to eat dinner and he got to watch baseball. On a sport related side note, the NHL players are still on strike because they cannot come up with a contract agreement with the teams. The season is not officially cancelled but they have called off all games through November. I am not happy about this.

We left Fibbar’s and went back to my house to get ready. For Cat’s party I decided to wear the flapper dress. Susan went as a Vegas show girl, Robert was some kind of rock star super hero and Missy (the girl who is now renting the cottage) was Jessica Rabbit. She makes an excellent Jessica Rabbit because she has beautiful naturally red hair.

Cat’s party was a lot of fun. I got a little more drunk then I intended because I had planned to drink early and then do water the rest of the night but Kyle showed up late and we ended up doing shots together. It was all good, I was not driving and not hung over the next day, but I did end up more drunk then I intended. Courtney put up a ton of photos on facebook and I have included a few of my favorites in this email. If you want to see all the photos you will have to check out FB.

Sunday (10/28) – Sunday I was super lazy in the morning. It took me forever to get my ass out of bed. When I finally did, Joe and I made lunch and then did yard work. We are trying to de-weed the landscaped portion of my back yard. It is a slow process but I find it rewarding because the sections we have managed to clear look so much better. Joe is a trooper and has been helping me out with all the weeding. He made the mistake of admitting that he finds it fun to do the weeding in small batches, so now I intend to take full advantage of him and his weeding skills.

After weeding we hung around the house until the baseball game started and then walked over to Fibbar’s. It was game 4 and the Giants had won the first 3 games, so if they won they would sweep the series. Needless to say the bar was packed, and if you could not tell from the massive amount of Giant love on FB, they won. I would not call the game exciting, but there were a few high energy moments and when it finally ended the world erupted in crazy.

So that was my weekend. It was a good weekend and I am happy. This week should be fun and busy too. Tonight I have BP and a potluck at Ben & Debs, Tuesday I have class and need to carve Halloween pumpkins, Wednesday is Halloween and my street is having the usual block party, Thursday I have NOTHING (yay! A night of rest) and then comes the weekend again.

I think Mom & Dad are going to Tahoe on Thursday, so if you need to get ahold of them you should do so before they leave. Also, I want to start booking the trip to S. America if possible, so if you could ask your boss about time off/working from home either the weekend before Christmas or the week between Christmas and New Years, that would be helpful. I want to get this trip planned so that I know when I will get to see you next. I miss you tons.



Photos From Friday of People I Know

Robert & Susan

Robert, Susan & Sarah

Robert & Me

Susan, Robert & Me. This may be my favorite image from the weekend. Susan looks so pretty and I am just ruining the picture by eating her face

Pictures From Friday of People I Do Not Know But I Liked Their Costumes

Birthday Dude Jonathan (American Flag) and Ms. Scarlet.


Scuba Steve & Google Founders

Binder Full of Women

Robert & Mustache Ride (reference to the movie Super Troopers)

Photos From Cat's Housewarming Party

Gene & Joe as Mormon Missionaries

Me & Missy (Jessica Rabbit)

Me & Bobby (bastard did not dress up!)

Susan (Vegas Show Girl) & Cathleen (Flamenco Dancer)

Me & Susan - yes I ruin all the photos

Courtney (Gypsy) and Me Being Lame and Trying to Dance

Noah (Black Wheres Waldo? or a.k.a. Where the Fuck be Willie?)

Group Photo

Courtney & Cathleen Looking Super Cute

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