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Several Weeks of Being A Boring Home Owner


How was Bolivia? Did you enjoy the rain forest and Lake Titicaca? I want to hear all about it when you are here in two weeks. I cannot believe that you are going to be home in two weeks. I know it is only for a few days, but any time with you is better than nothing. I am also excited to see Evan, since I hardly got to see him when I was down there in November.

Dad has been busy trying to think of fun things for all of us to do while you are here. I think he has a list of about 20 items, which I find funny since you are going to be here for a total of 6 days (less if you go down to LA). Are you going to go down to LA during the middle of your visit? I know you talked about it previously, but I have not heard if anything was finalized.

I have been bad about writing you but that is mostly because I do not have a lot going on. Since the broiversary, my weekends have been spent working at B&T and trying to clean/repair my house. Since we only have the major returns left I am enjoying work more because it is all the interesting tax stuff.

The house repairs are going slowly but we seem to get something major done each week. The weekend after the broiversary we got Susan moved into the house! She officially lives in the big house with me. It is nice having her around, plus she is extremely organized and has lots and lots of free time, so she has been doing a lot of the house setting up/reorganization that I just do not have time for. She has taken care of entire rooms on her own. She is so organized, and I am not, so I hope she does not hate living with me. I am pretty clean, I just do not care about the type A style organization that she does, but I think Susan is OK with that. When you are home you will have to come by the house and see everything we have done. Susan has so much furniture, so the house looks really lived in now.

Susan painted a mural of a tree on the wall of her room. She did a great job.

This last weekend was particularly satisfying for me. Saturday I worked during the day and then Susan & I started a giant plumbing project in the afternoon and evening. Basically, the shower in my bathroom only has two temperatures, scalding hot and icy cold. I like scalding hot, so I never had a problem with this, but Susan likes lukewarm showers and disliked my shower so much that she was actually showering at the pool after water polo practice rather than shower at home. Susan not being able to use the shower is unacceptable so we went to Home Depot and talked to the people there about fixing the shower so that it would have a range of temperatures. The dude at Home Depot, Robert, was very nice and told us we needed to replace a switch in some valve. He told us what we needed and made the whole project sound rather easy. After working on the shower for 5 hours, multiple trips to Home Depot and knocking a 4 inch hole in my bathroom wall we had gotten nowhere. I was frustrated so Susan, Joe and I went over to Courtney’s house for some awesome karaoke.

Here is just some of the crap we used in the plumbing project

The karaoke was tons of fun. I had a late afternoon coffee and then drinks at Courtney’s, so I had the fun combination of slight drunkenness and caffeinated energy. I am a horrific singer, but I still love to sing, so getting to belt out songs with just friends around is nice. Susan’s brother Robert also came over. I like him, he has lots of energy and is really enthusiastic about life. Susan says he also has some anger issues (mostly focused at their crazy mother), but I have never seen the anger. Robert is going into the airforce in January to become a pararescue (part of a medical unit that parashoots down to help people). I think I am calling this the wrong thing, but the job sounds very interesting. I hope he likes it.

Sunday was the first day I have had since moving into my house where I had NOTHING planned for the entire day. All I had to do was finish or give up on the shower, but no time constraints. Joe spent the night Saturday and so we were lazy all Sunday morning. Having a truly lazy Sunday morning was good for my soul because I felt better Sunday then I had since that awful night Jason told me he no longer loved me. I think I have been pretty good about not letting all the crap with Jason prevent me from continuing to live my life, but at the same time I still have not felt like myself. Between being lazy & only doing enjoyable things, and the excitement about you coming home (I was dancing around with excitement at one point because I was thinking of you coming home), it all lifted the darkness in my insides for a little while. I felt more like my normal happy self. It was good.

Sunday went kinda like this: hung out in bed being lazy and relaxing, finally crawled out of bed and went to the Mountain View farmer’s market, purchased delicious things at farmer’s market, went to La Fiesta for lunch (yum yum yum!), sent you photos of my delicious food from La Fiesta, went home & reviewed status of plumbing project, decided to give up on plumbing project for a few weeks and just do work around where I put back old equipment and turn down water heater, put shower back together using old stuff, a magical shower miracle occurred and poof! shower works and now has a range of temperatures!! Success!!

Susan took the shower apart when I was not there, and I think Joe & I put the shower back together incorrectly, but now it works. I think the shower might be in upside down but we now have a range of temperatures and Susan is happy. I was a little bummed when we were putting it back together because I had spent a lot of time & money on the project and gotten nowhere, but then I got the amazingly happy surprise that it was actually successful. Woohoo!!

Sunday evening I went to a local bar to hang out & watch a little football and talk with the bartender friend of mine. She mentioned that she might be moving out of her apartment and I told her that I have the cottage to rent. Long story short, she is interested in the space (it is walking distance to the bar she works at) and she is going to come by Sunday evening to see it.

Sunday really was a great day.

This week I am pretty busy. Tonight I start a business class over at Stanford that I am taking through their Open University program. The class is pretty expensive but the subject matter should be interesting, and if nothing else, I might meet some local business and VC peoples. Cathleen is going to take the course with me, so that will make it all the more fun.

I have other misc crap throughout the week and then on the weekend I am going to Maura’s birthday party Saturday night in the city. Diana is super sweet and going to let me sleep on an air mattress at her house, so I do not need to worry about getting home. It should be fun; I think we are going out for fancy cocktails. Sunday I will need to clean the cottage and then in the evening my friend will come by to see if she is interested in renting it. I hope she does rent it, it is nicer having people I know out there because I am not afraid they will come stab me in my sleep.

I hope all has been going well for you. I know I have mentioned this several times before, but I really can not wait to see you. I miss you tons and tons and tons!!

All My Love!


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