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I am moving back into my house! Hurrah! Jason has moved his stuff out and his moving out corresponds perfectly with Labor Day Weekend, so I can spend the entire long weekend cleaning & repainting bedrooms, and hopefully start living there again. I love my family, they are the best part of my life, but being a 30 year old divorcee living with her parents depresses the hell out of me. I feel like a bad cliché. Instead, I am now a single 30 year old homeowner and future small business owner. That just has an infinitely more sexy sound to it.

I started the cleaning process yesterday. With tons of assistance from my mom and Susan, we have managed to get the whole house cleaned and decontaminated. I believe Jason did not clean the house once after I moved out, so it has been gathering filth for the last 7 months. In addition, Jason had a cat, so there was cat litter, feces and vomit left sitting on the floor. Cleaning the two worst rooms really felt like an episode of Hoarders. There were not piles of junk, but pretty much everything in either of those rooms has to be trashed because of cat ick. I started coughing and at times having breathing problems cleaning the cat crap, but now it is done and I will never have to do that again! It makes me very sad to think that Jason lived in that filth for 6 months, and even more sad to think that he is OK with that, because it indicates that he could be heading down a path similar to his mother.

In addition to the cat grossness, there was this unidentified white goo in/on miscellaneous things in the front living room. I was never able to identify what it was and the places we found it were so random that I am completely perplexed by it. The white goo was in the top of a standing light, on the underside of a shelve and around a door frame. I hope that maybe it is related to one of the photo shoots Jas did at the house, but I can’t image what the goo would have been for. It was just all kinds of nasty and I got horrible flashbacks to the movie Happiness. Eww…..

The plan for the next couple of days is as follows: finish cleaning, move the remaining furniture out of Susan’s room, paint Susan’s room, paint my room, fix the bathroom tile, wax the floors, get my shit moved into my bedroom, seal the kitchen counters, and maybe start the process of moving Susan out of the cottage and into our home! There is of course tons of other fixer-up stuff to get done too, but those are the things I hope to get accomplished over the long weekend. I hope I make it. 

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