Elf Ears (supersweets) wrote,
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Because I Want to Save These & Do Not Know Where Else To Put Them

Accounting Dictionary
Goodwill Impairment: when job, life, etc. gets in the way of fun.
Start-Up Costs: cost of wooing your sweetie before you get them in the sack.
Accelerated Depreciation: when a chick is unattractive or looks old for her age. Example: That chick had a good body but her face was totally subject to accelerated depreciation. Can also use Section 179.
Inventory: collection of guys/girls one is currently dating. See Inventory Methods for additional detail.
Inventory Methods:
1. FIFO: inventory method where relationships are cycled through in the order that they are entered into. Often used by monogamists. 
2. LIFO: inventory method where newest relationship is dropped first. Often used by one in an open long-term relationship.
3. JIT: inventory method where you take whatever is currently available. Often used by sluts and man-whores.

PCAOB - pretty creepy and obnoxiously boring. Aka, stereotypical accountants. Example: That dude is totally PCAOB.

Due Diligence - Checking Facebook to research a person you just met before deciding on the next step in the relationship.

Going Concern - When your friends drag you to some place that you are pretty sure is going to suck. Works for dance clubs, Jack Black movies, and projects labeled as "good opportunities".

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