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Return of the Emails to Katy!


I have been a bad sister and not writing you about all my recent adventures. I cannot remember when I wrote you last, so I will just sum up this weekend and the last couples ones for you.

Four weekends ago I went camping and river rafting with mom and dad on the middle fork of the American River. It was a camping, wine tasting and river rafting excursion Dad got through Travelzoo. The whole thing was a lot more fun than any of us expected. Dad seemed especially pleased because he mentioned multiple times what a good deal the thing was, and how the total cost of the trip barely would have covered the meals had we eaten them in restaurants. Maybe if you and Evan are back in the US next summer, we can all do it together.

After the river rafting we went up to Tahoe for a few days. In Tahoe we did lots of hiking, over eating and butt sitting. We also got to go on Larry’s boat and I did stand-up paddle boarding with Cheryl. The paddle boarding was more of an adventure than Cheryl and I expected because while we were out on the lake a freak storm came up. This was no tiny storm either. There was lighting, thunder and off –and-on hail. Cheryl and I were unable to get back to their dock in Tahoe City in time, so we had to paddle to shore and just hide out under a tree. Cheryl and I were so drenched that at one point a bug flew onto her arm and actually drowned.

In Tahoe I also got to see Austin. He seemed a little sad and lonely. This is the first time he has really left Denton and I think it is hard for him not knowing everyone in town. In addition to not knowing many people, his ex-girlfriend is making his life hellish. She is super high drama and always picking fights with him. I am sure it is just because she misses him and wants his attention, but moving to Cali is the biggest thing Austin has ever done and I just wish she would be supportive of him rather than a drain on his experience.

Three weekends ago I went to see East of Eden at the Stanford theater with Mom and Dad on Friday and then Saturday I went to the city to Adam’s birthday. For Adam’s birthday dinner we went to House of Prime Rib and I ate myself stupid on delicious meat. Even the veggies there have bacon or some other meat product mixed in. It was all super delicious. I cannot remember what I did on Sunday. I think I worked.

Two weekends ago I was back in Tahoe, this time with Courtney, Gene, the kiddos and Gene’s brother Joe. We did lots of hiking, went river rafting and spent a day down by the beach. I really liked being up there with the kids. Having the kiddos up there makes the routine activates seem special again because for the kids these are unique and special experiences. Twice Derek asked if he could please come back in the winter because he really wants to see snow. It was so cute it made my heart ache, and of course I will make sure that he gets to come to Tahoe sometime this winter.

Tahoe is undergoing a chipmunk explosion this year. The current theory is that there are so many chipmunks because the winter was too mild and did not kill off enough of them. The little buggers are everywhere and have gotten so out of control that during one hike Courtney actually stepped on one. It used to be so exciting to see the chipmunks because they are cute and not that prevalent, and now there are so many people are actually walking on them.

This weekend was packed full of activities. Friday was Katie Smith’s birthday so I went up to SF to celebrate with her and a pack of random friends. We went to a speakeasy called Tradition, The Blue Light (where we went for your 21st birthday) and several other random bars. I did not get to eat dinner before going out so at 2AM I ate half a large pizza. It was so good. I pretty much ate nothing but junk food booze this weekend, so I might have to do so kind of detox this week.

Saturday I got home from SF around noon and then went to a BBQ/house warming/birthday party for a friend of friends. There I ate tasty sausages and a miscellaneous assortment of unhealthy snacks. After the BBQ I went to Courtney’s and we started watching a tv show called Game of Thrones. I read the books the tv show is based off of and I am really pleased because the show is true to the books and well acted. I doubt you would like the show because the general rule with Game of Thrones is “your favorite character dies,” and since you do not like shows with blood and death this would not be for you.

Yesterday I went to BodyPump in the morning and then an ice cream social at a friends house. These friends are extra nerdy and managed to make a Cold Stone style experience by buying granite flooring tiles from Home Depot and then sticking them on top of blocks of dry ice. Combine ice cream with tons of mixings & booze and boom!, you have an awesome ice cream social. I made two different ice cream concoctions. The first was vanilla ice cream with brandied cherries, chocolate covered pretzels and bourbon cream. The second was vanilla ice cream with raspberries, chocolate peanut butter cake and Bailey’s Irish Cream. Both creations were delicious. Yum.

When I got home from ice cream, Peanut got blasted by a skunk AGAIN! Stupid, stupid puppy. I gave her several baths but she still smells like road kill.

In the evening I went over to Courtney’s house and we ate pizza & beer for dinner and watched more Game of Thrones. It was extra good New York style pizza.

I really do need to do a detox because my food this weekend was: booze, half a pizza, sausages, beer, Champaign, ice cream and more pizza & beer. It is amazing I am not a million pounds.

Love & Miss You!!!

Parents Camping

I am an idiot 

On a boat!

On the Tahoe Gal

Happy people on the Gal

Awesome bunny from a magic show I saw in Tahoe

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