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Snow, Golf, Birthdays and Music

The last few weekends have been fun. For Memorial Day weekend I went to Tahoe with Mom & Dad plus Uncle Joe & Stacy. The plan was to do a lot of work around the house but the first several days we were up there it snowed and so we were unable to work. It snowed so much that we could make snow cream! When it finally stopped snowing Dad & Joe decided that there was just not enough time to get real house repairs accomplished so we ended up doing almost nothing productive the whole week. Dad was able to get a plumber to come to the house and work on the pipes, but the painting and other manual labor that we were going to do ourselves never got attempted.

Instead of working, we spent our time doing fun activities. There was hiking in the snow, snow cream, hiking not in the snow, eating delicious food, some shopping and I played golf for the very first time. It was Dad, Joe, Larry Travis and I. Like other sports, I was naturally horrible at golf but still found it to be a lot of fun. I like whacking the balls as hard as I can plus it is just relaxing to walk around outside in a pretty grassy area. The one good thing I can say about my golf game is that Travis told Dad and I that we were not the worst golfers he had ever played with. When he was on the high school golf team he had played with kids who had been playing for years who were way worse than us. Woohoo! That is what I call success.

Dad came home from Tahoe on Tuesday but Mom and I stayed an extra day so that she could clean the carpets. On the way home from Tahoe we stopped at the junk furniture store in Davis. I got a little bedside table at the furniture place. Normally I would not bother mentioning this stop, but the little bed side table ends up playing a role in this weekend’s activities as well.

Thursday was Dad’s birthday. Several months ago Dad had me purchase a Living Social deal for two rounds of golf for the price of one at the Blackberry Farms golf course in Cupertino. Blackberry Farms is really little and according to Joe much easier than the Brokeway golf course. Anyways, Dad and I wouldn’t be caught dead working on a birthday so we met Uncle Joe and Mike Rashkin for another game of golf. I have gone approximately 1,624 weeks without ever playing a game of golf and now I have squeezed in two games in one week. I think I played worse on my second game then I did the first one, however with a blatant system of cheating (i.e. take score and divide by three), I come up with the pretty excellent score of 27 for a 9 hole course.

Friday I actually put in a full day of work (I think it almost killed me). Dad had a poker game going on in the evening so I went out to dinner with Mom and then met Susan, Courtney, Brittany, Dora and a pack of Dora’s friends for karaoke at the Swinging Door. For dinner Mom & I went to Katana. It is a super excellent sushi place walking distance from my house in SV. Someday when you are actually back state-side I will take you there. It is one of the awesome sushi places that make up their own crazy roles. Yum Yum.

Karaoke was fun. My singing is actually worse than my golf game so it has been several days of extra fun epic failing on my part. Then there is Courtney & Dora, who are rock stars. My envy makes me adore and hate them all at the same time. Dora has such a good voice and natural stage prcense that I could see her singing sultry songs in classy night clubs. Because Dora and her pack of chicks were super hot, we scored free shots. This along with a Long Island Iced Tea and god knows what else led to Courtney getting plastered. It was wonderful. It has been a very long time since I have seen really really drunk Courtney. She is singing chatty fun. I got up to sing twice. First I sang These Boots Are Made For Walking which people seemed to actually enjoy and then I totally butchered Killing Me Softly. I was a little too drunk to pay attention to the music for Killing Me Softly so I taaaaanked. KaBoom!

The whole weekend was music themed for me. Karaoke was Friday and then on Saturday I went to an all day music festival at Shoreline with Courtney, Gene, Susan, Cathleen and Joe (Gene’s brother who I believe you have met before). The music festival was lots of fun and due to my religious application of SPF 110 sunscreen, I managed to avoid getting burned.

My two favorite bands at the concert were Neon Trees and Fun. I am not sure if you would be familiar with any of their songs because I believe they became popular after you left for Chile, but I am sure you will hear some of their tunes while we are in VEGAS!!!! Fun has good music and the lead singer is this spunky kid who never stops singing, talking to the audience and jumping around. While I think I like the songs of Fun better, I really enjoyed the show Neon Trees put on. I think they were actually my favorite. Everyone looked super 80’s, the lead singer transitioned between the songs with antic dotes that explained where the inspiration for the songs came from and the dude reminded me of Freddy Mercury. I would like to see either of the two bands in concert again.

Now onto Sunday which was actually a lot of fun but has left me feeling blue today. Yesterday was Celeste’s 3rd birthday party and Tom (Jason’s best friend) was there. I have not seen Tom since Jason said he wanted a divorce, and it was a lot harder than I expected. We didn’t discuss Jason, I should talk with Tom but that was not the appropriate setting, and instead I had to just make standard party chit chat like everything was normal. It was painful and at times awkward. After seeing Tom I was up most of the night unable to sleep and just thinking all about Jason. Finally this morning I broke a gift Jason gave me years ago and I just lost it. I ended up crying and have felt blue the rest of the day. Plus it doesn’t help that the weather is cold and gloomy. I need sunny weather to lift my spirits. I have found that the only thing making me happy today is the knowledge that I get to see you in less than two weeks. I am going to have dinner with Tom, his wife Kimloan and Courtney & Gene tomorrow, which I think is good because I love Tom and each time I see him it has to get easier.

Other than the weirdness with seeing Tom the party was tons of fun. I got to connect with a number of people I have not seen in years including Ravi who grew up across the street from us. He looks really good and is working at YouTube. Celeste was a lovely birthday girl. She is super girly and must have gone through 5 wardrobe changes throughout the day. My personal favorites were a neon green tutu that made her look super 80’s rocker and a purple princess dress which she wore with a little straw hat giving her the appearance that she was little bo peep. Too cute.

Also on Sunday I ended up painting the little bedside table I purchased in Davis. The table was originally an ugly reddish brown color. At some point I decided that the bedside table needed to be a bright shiny gold, so Mom & I went into her misc. crap closest in the laundry room and found her bottle of gold spray paint. I then proceeded to give the bedside table a ghetto paint job and it is now the shiny gold I envisioned. It came out surprising well and I am super happy with it. The ugly red-brown under coat actually gives the piece a pretty red tint in certain angles. I do not have a picture of the table right now but I will take one tonight and email it to you tomorrow.

So that is what I have been up to the past few weeks. Nothing epic but I have been having a lot of fun. I hope you and Evan have been doing well. I will go run all those errands you emailed me about this week but in exchange I want to see pictures from the crazy hat party you went to.

Snow Two Days Before Memorial Day

Courtney & Susan @ Swinging Door

Neon Trees
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