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LA, Maker Faire, Zombies & Cherries

Each year I tell myself that I am not going to eat myself sick on cherries and each year I fail. This year has been no exception. I now have a stomach ache.

Two weekends ago was lots of fun. Mom & I went to a wedding in LA, and since we were already going to So. Cal we decided to make a mini vaycay out of it. We left on Thursday and drove to Santa Barbara where we spent Thursday night. When Katy went to college in Santa Barbara my family learned how awesome a city it is. There is the beach, sunshine, and lovely down town and the BEST bars and restaurants. Santa Barbara food selection is even better than Palo Alto’s.

For dinner my mom and I ate at The Palace which is an awesome Cajun place made even better by the fact that every half out the wait staff pass around song books and everyone sings. Also, if your drink happens to be empty during music time then they give you a small amount of refill for free so that you can toast with the waiters as they walk by. Cajun food, singing and a chocolate soufflé like Roy’s makes this my kind of place. Yum.

After dinner we went over to the study hall and hung out with Dan (katy’s old bar & boss when she was a bartender). It was good to talk with Dan again and hear how life in SB is going. He seems to be doing well. I tried to convince him to go visit Katy but he says he does not travel.

Oh, and before dinner I went to the consignment store on State Street and found the most awesome pair of shoes. They are never worn-totally new Cole Haan/Nike Airs and they are super lovely and comfortable all at the same time. When I was at PwC a lot of girls had these shoes and swore they were the most comfortable dress shoes of all time. I actually went to the Cole Haan store at Valleyfair to look at them but they were waaaaay too expensive, so I did not buy them. Now I have a completely unworn pair and only had to pay $40 for them. That is still pricy for consignment store clothes but since they were unworn (still had the cloth bag for the shoes) and the shoes retail for $250, I figured I was OK with the price.

Friday we left Santa Barbara early and drove to Pasadena for a pre-wedding luncheon at the Hunt Club. It was OK. I only knew one other girl there but I got to meet some nice people. The lunch was a pre-fixed Cobb Salad and tasted really good. From the lunch my mom and I went to check into our hotel and then rushed to the La Brea tar pits.

The tar pits were something I had always wanted to see but never made it to. Basically, down town LA is built on one of the worlds largest tarpits and back when LA was nothing more than desert and swampland prehistoric creatures would get trapped in the back ooze. Because animals pick on the weak, and those stuck in tar are seen as weak, one trapped animal would lead to lots of trapped animals and then the whole lot of them would sink into the tar where their bones were perfectly preserved. The museum with the bones is neat and very educational, but my favorite part was going out and watching the actual tar. It makes beautiful glistening methane gas bubbles which I found very relaxing to watch form and then pop.

Friday night was low key. Mom and I went and grabbed Mexican food from a place near our hotel and then rented the movie The Heist from the in-room movie system. The in-room movie system was probably the only thing about our hotel that did not suck. We stayed at the Westin in Pasadena and since it is a Westin and those are generally nice, we had pretty high hope. It did not live up to our expectations. The hotel was like a mediocre business hotel, the pool was small and always shaded, the furniture was too big for the oddly designed room so you could hardly use the closet because my bed was in the way and the shower was so low that the showerhead only came to my chest level. One of the few things that really bothers me is when showerheads are put so low that someone only 6 feet can’t stand under them! I may be tall for a chick but I am like an average sized dude and how stupid must you be to design a shower where about half the guys would not be able to fit under it!?!?!? I can generally ignore almost anything but this is one of the things that just drives me nuts! In short, I really disliked the Westin Pasadena. I think I will write up and yelp review for it. Can you give negative stars on yelp?

Sunday was the wedding. The ceremony was in a church and then reception in a park. It was pretty but nothing spectacular. Considering how rich Chris’ family is I was kind of hoping for more of a wedding spectacle. Instead they kept it simple and classy. WTF?

The best part of the wedding was Nell’s dress. She wore her paternal grandmother’s wedding dress and it fit her so well that not a stitch had to be added to make it fit. The only thing they had to do was clean the dress, which ended up taking 6 months because the box the dress was stored in stained it all up. Apparently the first time Nell tried it on her dad saw her in it and started to cry, even though the dress was stained to hell.

The reception had an open bar, so that was great, but not enough heat lamps so I ended up getting cold and leaving a little on the early side.

Sunday was Mother’s Day and Chris’ grandmother had planned a fancy brunch at her mansion. This was perfect because otherwise I might have had to take Mom to brunch at the hotel and that was like $50 a person, so instead I got something much nicer and free. Score.

From Pasadena mom and I drove to Anaheim and spent the afternoon at the hotel pool. Then I drove back to LA and met up with my buddy Matt. He had graduated from USC on Thursday so I wanted to buy him a drink. We had a few beers and then he took me to see the giant purple church of Scientology and Jumbo’s Clown Room. Jumbo’s is this bar/strip club. The dancers and fun because they are the talented kind who can do the pole tricks, but the best part is the other audience members. There were tons of hipsters, a guy sporting an eye patch and a legit plushy! The plushy made the girls talk to a big stuffed rabbit before he would give them a dollar and one girl got denied her dollar because the rabbit was not pleased. I loved Jumbo’s.

Monday mom and I went to Disneyland. As school is not out yet and it was Monday there were not too many people in the park. There were some, I think there are always some people in Disneyland, but we never waited in line more than 30 minutes. I was really digging the Splash Mountain ride. There is something about fluffy animatronic bunnies and other woodland critters singing Zip-a-Dee Doo Dah that speaks to me.

Tuesday mom and I drove home. The most notable part of the day was we ate at Carletos in SB. Yum yum yum.

This weekend was fun but not super exciting. Friday I want to the standard girls night that Susan has. We gossiped, danced around to music and made mojitos. We were supposed to try and make dresses but that did not even come close to happening. I was OK with this though because I do not know how to sew and mojitos are more fun.

Saturday Mom spent getting ready for a fancy dinner party so to get out of her way I went on a long walk with the puppies and then to BodyPump. My ass cheeks are now sore. We also spent awhile talking with you which was nice. I miss you and can’t wait to see you in June!!

In the evening I invited myself over to Courtney & Gene’s house because I did not want to hang out during mom’s dinner party. I am OK with being the sad, 31 year old divorcee who lives at home with her parents most of the time, but I am not OK with being the sad 31 year old divorcee who lives at home with her parents and has so little going on on a Saturday night that she has to crash her parent’s parties. I am just not going to be that person.

For dinner we got Chinese and spent the first part of the night singing karaoke and playing with the kids. Once the kiddos went to bed the three of us watched Dead Alive. It is a super gory and campy zombie movie. You would hate it as it bills itself as the most gory movie of all time. While the movie is gross it is not SUPER bad because it is so ridiculous and the gore is very fake looking. The premise is a rat monkey from Africa bites this evil woman who is an over protective mother. Her son is then forced to take care of her and all the other zombies that are eventually created. Even the baby troll looking zombie which is the product of two zombies getting it on. It is a funny and strange movie.

Sunday I went to church with mom because Trinity was doing the festival of music. I think this is the first time I have been to that church in about a decade. I went a few times when visiting Pinky & Stan in Florida, but never at home. I actually enjoyed church it because there was no sermon or preaching, instead it was almost entirely the choir singing and the bell choir playing. The priest read a few passages from the bible but all the passages tied into what was being sung, so it actually added to the music. My favorite part of the bell choir. I would just look out the windows watching the streets sway in the slight wind and absorb the music.

After church mom, dad and I went to El Paso Café for lunch and then dad and I went to Maker Faire in San Mateo. I believe I told you about Maker Faire when I went a few years ago. It is where all kinds of craft and engineering nerds display their crafty and nerdy creations. I think dad enjoyed himself since we got to see lots of robots and a radio controlled boat war where the boats shot beebees and actually sank each other.


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