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I won $50!!

Mom got Cassie shaved. The poor dog was super matted and we really had no choice. She now looks like a rodent with a giant puppy dog head. It is not a good look for her.

I got a cold and was sick last week. It sucked. I actually got sick last weekend and ended up missing work for a few days. It was a pretty miserable cold but I was over everything except for the cough in time to have fun this weekend.

My weekend was pretty packed full of fun activities. On Friday Cathleen, Courtney, Dora, Brittney and I went out for sushi dinner and karaoke. We went to a sushi place in San Mateo which I believe I have told you about because of the massive amount of food you get for really cheap. Our bill for 7 giant rolls and sake bombing for 5 people before tip but including tax was only $75. You can spend half that much on one person alone eating and doing sake bombs at some places. Plus the rolls were the interesting kind with lots of spices and sauce. Yum yum.

After dinner we went to a bar called The Swinging Door to sing karaoke. The Swinging Door is a slightly intimidating karaoke bar because everyone besides myself and a handful of other people are really good. It is hard because you are always following someone who just really rocked a song and since I am tone deaf and screechy, my lousy voice is always emphasized by the comparison with the awesome people who go before me. I sang Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da by the Beatles and These Boots Were Made For Walking by Nancy Sinatra. It was scary but fun at the same time.

I cannot remember what everyone else sang but I know Courtney and Cathleen did a duet of I Touch Myself, and Dora, who has a wonderful voice and great stage presence, did Someone Like You by Adele. I don’t know how much karaoke Dora has done in the past but I know she has been studying music and you can see the difference in confidence and style in her performance that is not there in most other people’s songs, even those people who are good singers.

Cathleen Getting Into 'I Touch Myself'

Saturday was the Kentucky Derby so Uncle Joe & Stacy came over and mom made a southern fried feast. It was a good day of yummy food, mint juleps and good friends, and made extra awesome because I won $50 for picking the winning horse. I loose at all other kinds of gambling but I have traditionally been pretty lucky with horse racing. My secret? I always choose the horse with the most awesome or dirty sounding name. The derby winner was ‘I’ll Have Another’ which invokes images of beer, so I had to pick it. Susan was not around for the horse race, but she eventually joined us for dinner.

Tomorrow is Cathleen’s birthday so to celebrate she rented a limo and took a bunch of friends up to Napa for wine tasting. We ended up going to three wineries: V. Sattui Winery, Mumm and another that had changed names recently so I was never sure what it was actually called. The wine tasting was fun but I really prefer beer and I started to get burned out on wine after the first tasting house. I think one of the problems was I was just not that fond of any of the wines we tried. Mumm is fun because it is champagne but I do not have a refined pallet and it all tastes pretty much the same to me.

At the last winery Cathleen got a cigar and it came with a whole bunch of strike anywhere matches. These matches were a lot of fun to play with and she looked extra suave lighting a match by striking it against the stone wall behind her.

The best part of the whole wine day was of course the people. Cathleen has become friends with Courtney and my buddy Noah, so over half the people in the limo were my friends. The other folks were all old friends of Cathleen’s and pretty awesome people. One girl is starting a gluten free bakery, and while I do not understand the appeal behind the whole gluten free trend, it was still interesting to hear her and her husband talk about the process of starting a business.

This week I am only working Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and then on Thursday mom and I go to LA for Nell’s wedding. It should be a lot of fun. We are going to spend one night in SB, go to the La Breha tar pits, go to fancy brunches at the homes of super rich people, go to Disneyland and generally eat and drink ourselves stupid over 5 days. Woohoo!

Me @ Winery (stolen from Courtney)

Distracted Friends @ Winery (photo stolen from Noah)

Cathleen Looking Like A Photo From A Cigar Magazine (stolen from Noah)

More Awesome Cigar Photos (stolen from Noah)
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