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Sometimes I Write Too Much To My Sister

I had a great weekend and I have so much to tell you about that this is going to be a loooooooong email I apologize in advance.

Friday night Susan had her normal girls knitting thing where we all get around and talk and drink and almost never do any knitting. Starting around Wednesday or Thursday, the weather got really wonderful and Friday was no exception. In order to take advantage of the beautiful day we started the evening by getting drinks at a bar in down town SV. The plan was to sit outside but all the outside seating was taken so we just ended up at a pub called Lilly Macs. I had an orange Julius which was dangerous because I could not taste the alcohol at all.

After the bar we walked back to my house/Susan’s place for dinner. Susan made us some delicious chicken enchiladas covered in a white cheesy sauce. They tasted a lot like Mom’s Baby Barf but with chicken. The enchiladas were really good. Susan got the recipe off of a new website called Pinterest.com. I dunno if Pinterest has made it to South America yet, but it is the new big thing here. I do not have an account but the idea is that you collect images (your own photos or other images you find) and you share them on a board. I want Pinterest to remain popular because there is a slim chance I might get B&T work out at the company. The husband of a friend of mine works out there and the company is small and has shot up like a weed, so they are just starting to need financial and other advisors. I doubt anything will actually come of it, but there is a slim chance I could win some kind of work. The office is in down town MV right near my house, so it would be awesome if I could get a project out there. I could maybe even bike it is that close.

Sorry about the Pinterest tangent. Back to my epic weekend. So the plan was for Susan to make dinner and then we would all watch a movie. While delicious dinner and dessert was made we never got around to watching the movie because we spent the whole time talking. It is so much fun to just sit around and chat with girls. Erin, a girl I went to high school with, is a seventh grade teacher and she started telling us about all the horrible sex terms that her seventh graders know. There were terms I am familiar with like snowballing, but there were other things that I never ever knew existed like “blue waffeling.” Because none of us wanted to be old and out of the sex slang loop, we spent a portion of the evening looking up the seventh-grader’s sex terms on the internet. It was educational in that horrible, I never needed to know that kind of way. My Friday was spent drinking, eating, gossiping with girls and looking up disturbing sexual images that today’s seventhgraders know of but adults have no clue on. It was a lot of fun and I am pretty sure that our Google searches will get Susan’s computer registered on some very strange government watch lists.

The grass at my house is out of control. I was there last week and at some points I think it is about 4 feet tall and thick as a jungle. The grass in the front was not too long, thank goodness, but the grass in back was just insane. Going by the house on Friday reminded me about the horrible state of the grass so first thing Saturday morning Mom and I went over to the house to mow my lawn. The idea was to mow the front yard, back yard and all the weeds. At 10 it was already getting hot so we decided to start with the back yard as the front yard is in the shade and we thought it would be good to save that for last. It took an hour and a half just to mow down my back patch of grass. At times the lawnmower got so tired it started smoking. I would not have been able to get the back yard done without Mom’s help. She took an electric hedge trimmer and cut down the grass to where it was only a foot or two off the ground and then I went through with the mower and took it down the rest of the way. Since it took so long to do just the back part we decided to only do the back grass and the front lawn. The front lawn was actually pretty quick, it was just the mower was shot by then. At least the lawn looks like someone cares now. Jason does not care what the neighbors think so he will not help out with the lawn, but I hope to be back in the house in the next month or so, and once I am living there again the lawn will be easier for me to maintain.

After yard work I rushed home, took a quick shower and packed up an overnight bag. Cathleen came by to grab me and we then drove up to the city. There was a little drama with the hotel we booked but eventually we got it sorted out and could start our fun times in SF! The first thing we needed was drinks so we walked over to the Gold Dust off of Union Square. The Gold Dust is that old style saloon which I think we went to one time when we were up at Union Square doing Christmas shopping. The place has a fun atmosphere and it is sad because they have lost their lease and are going to have to shut down. It makes me sad when places with so much atmosphere shut down. Especially ones like the Gold Dust which has been around forever.

After the Gold Dust we went over to Dolorus Park where we met up with Adam and his boyfriend Damian. I had never met Damian even though he and Adam have been going out for a year + now. Damian is SUPER cute. He looks like my friend Boyar and he adores Adam, which is exactly what Adam deserves. Adam was very sad for a long time because he has so much love to give and had no one to give it to. Adam told me that they expect to get engaged soon and want to start looking for a suraget so they can start a family. I am so very very very happy for Adam.

Dolorus Park was great. The sun was out, you could see the entire city and it was nice and warm. The weather this weekend was perfect. We lounged around on the Gay Beach portion of the park drinking rum & guava juice and everyone but me got a nice base tan. I put on tons of sunscreen and did not change color. Hurrah!

Around 5 we all disbanded because we needed to get ready for dinner. Cathleen and I went back to the hotel, took quickie naps and showered. It was Damian’s birthday so for dinner we went to Asia SF, which is one of the more famous tranie shows. The food is surprisingly tasty and the tranies are lovely. My favorite act was the last one where a lady dressed up like wonder woman and danced around pretending to fight off bad guys or aliens, not really sure which. I was with a group of 11 people where Cathleen and I were the only two straight ones and out of the entire dinner party, I was the only one who had ever been to Asia SF before. Adam seemed to get a kick out of the rest of the party having to ask me what to wear, how the food worked, what was good, what the various acts would be like, etc.

My favorite dish at dinner was this bok choy sautéed in a garlic lemon sauce. OMG sooooo yummy. I also liked the ribs which were made with a tangy orange sauce. Yum yum yum.

After dinner & the show we went to The Lookout which is a bar with a great view of the Castro. Adam’s friends got to do what they do best, drink, make cat calls and judge the people on the street below them. His friends were so stereotypical it was funny. They accused each other of being princesses, talked about clothes and shoes, made catty judging comments about those around them. I had a whole lot of fun getting to know all of them.

Adam has been working on a project in New York so he was three hours ahead of everyone and got tired around midnight. Being in the sun all day wore me out too so we all called it an early night and went back to the hotel around 1. I did not sleep well. I have been having nightmares. My subconscious is not very subtle and I have dreams where Jason and I get separated in a large crowd and I freak out because I cannot find him, or I am talking with Jason on the edge of a very busy street and he is going to walk across the street and I want to stop him because he will get hit by a car but I he won’t listen and crosses any ways. I am tired of having these nightmares but I expect I will be plagued with them for a while.

Sunday morning Cathleen and I got up, showered and met Adam, Damian and others for at Lime for brunch. It was a total Sunday Funday. Bottomless mimosas were only $11, the restaurant had a dejay, people were taking all kinds of shots and everyone was there for a good time. It was a great spot for people watching since all different types showed up for brunching. At brunch I really got to know Damian. He lived in Rio at one time building a floating hospital that could be taken up rivers to little villages to deliver medical care and he now works in the tax department of Deloitte in SF. Getting to talk with Damian solidified how much I like him and how happy I am for Adam.

After breakfast I was supposed to go join Diana, John and others at the beach to celebrate John’s birthday. However, at the last minute they changed the plans because the coast side of SF was all fogged in, but the bay side was clear. Instead they told everyone to meet at Dolorus Park. It was a very Dolorus Park weekend for me. Diana had set up a bunch of blankets and coolers in the middle of the park and we spent the afternoon just chilling. I was worried I might feel awkward not really knowing anyone but Diana, but that was not the case. Everyone who showed up was kind and welcoming and I love sitting around in the sunshine getting to know new people. Nothing super memorable happened while we were at the park, it was just a nice and relaxing afternoon.

When the weather started to cool down late in the afternoon everyone else headed to Diana’s house and I just caught the train home. It had been a long couple of days with lots of drinking and sunshine and I wanted to get home and rehydrate and rest my skin. I never got a sunburn but just being in the sun that much makes my skin dry and unhappy.

For dinner mom, dad and I went to La Fiesta!!! I got a chicken enchilada and rice. So goooooood. The green sauce was extra hot so my rehydration efforts were doubled with drinking extra water to try and cool off my tongue.

Now for the only bad part of the last few days. Thursday, Friday and Sunday nights I have found bugs crawling on me when I am in bed. They are ugly flat little things. The first night I did not think much of it, but they kept showing up. It has not been tons of bugs, just like one a night. Enough to make me check my room but not enough so that I will not sleep in my bed. Turns out the bugs are ticks that Cassie and Peanut got when we were at the bay lands. Ew! Ew! Ew! Ticks have been sleeping with me in my bed and our poor tiny doggies are getting tormented by vicious nasty bloodsuckers! Mom and I are going to bug bomb my room, we are washing all the sheets, vacuuming the floor and hopefully all of this will kill the damn things.

So that was my weekend. It was a lot of fun and because I did so much, it felt extra long. I hope you and Evan had a great time in Santa Cruz. I want to hear all about it.

San Fran

@ Gold Dust

Damian Getting Birthday Love From A Lovely Lady

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