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Tax Season is OVER!!

Yay! Tax season is over! I made it. Not that it was really all that hard, even working busy season hours for Blum & Tripp I still feel like I am on vacation. I think the living at home, having mom make my dinners and do my laundry really contributes to the feeling that I have been coasting through life the last two months.

Now that busy season is over it is time for me to get busy on my #1 task, FIND NEW CLIENTS! I have a couple ideas, I am going to put my information up on alumni websites for San Jose State, Davis and Susan agreed to put it on Cornell. Eric has gotten several new clients from being listed on the Cornell website, so I hope to score the same kind of thing. Once I figure out how this works I might try and sucker Katy into putting me on UCSB and maybe even get Evan to list us on Stanford. If the Stanford has an alumni recommendation site it might be extra useful since they will be local.

I plan to put out B&T information on these sites, attend local business meetings & PwC alumni events and then go hang out at the bars in Palo Alto and up by Sandhill trying to meet VC and other people. I believe the key to new clients is just going out and meeting people. Lets hope I can pull this off.

Last weekend was pretty boring, but I have been having a great time since Monday. Monday night Bobby and I went to a Sharks play-off game. The Sharks lost, but they made a huge comeback push in the last 5 minutes and almost tied it up within the last 16 seconds. It was a lot of fun.

Tuesday was Happy Tax Day so I started drinking at noon. Dad and I went to the burger place Fredrick’s (near mom’s church) and I got a nice cold beer with lunch. Then I kept up the beer drinking during the day, went to trivia and did more beer drinking, and finally ended the night at a bar called Paul & Eddie’s in Cupertino. I even got Kyle to join me at trivia this week. He is a nice kid and I have been trying to invite him out. He is pretty smart too, knew a lot of the trivia answers. I was my typically worthless self and knew the answer to one question. Every week I am good for one question.

Yesterday I took the day off of work. I spent the morning getting stuff accomplished, I went to the doctor, took Peanut to the vet to get her stiches out, other misc crap. In the afternoon mom and I went to Anthropology (there was lots of cute stuff be we did not buy anything) and then we went for a walk in the bay lands. It was a lovely day and I really enjoyed our bay lands walk.

This weekend should be fun. I am going to a birthday party in SF Saturday night, going to spend the night in a hotel and then go to John’s (Diana’s boyfriend) birthday at the beach on Sunday. The birthday Saturday is for Damian, who is the boyfriend of my buddy Adam from PwC. They are super cute together and are going to get married! I have never been to a gay wedding before so I totally want to go. Adam is thinking they will get married in Hawaii, which is awesome because then I get to go to Hawaii.

Photo From Baylands

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