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Sunday was Easter and as usual I scored a crap ton of bunny themed items. My favorite is a little pink bunny made out of that rose stone from Argentina and the stone bunny with carrot that Katy gave me. I have named the bunny Katy gave me Nibbles since I can imagine him taking tiny nibbles out of the end of the carrot. The other bunnies in the picture are a vintage napkin ring made out of an early form of plastic called bake-lite, a stone bunny that I think mom said she got from the Chile desert the 'rents & Katy went to before I joined them in Chile and a truly horrible pink bunny vase that has odd gold growths coming out of it's head, body and butt. The vase is by far the most unique bunny I have received in a long time.

Easter dinner was fun. It was mom, dad and I and then Susan and my friend Cathleen came over. We had shrimp cocktail, prime rib and Yorkshire pudding. Mom also made a carrot cake for dessert/in honor of Ben Bunny. It was all delicious. It was really nice of mom to let me invite my friends over, especially Cathleen who does not have family in the area.

Dad and I have been working a lot (well a lot for Blum & Tripp) the past week. It is crunch time and we are hunkered down and trying to get all these returns out the door. However, even with our "working a lot" I still feel like I am on vacation because it is nothing compared to PwC. I got my MST because I actually liked tax but working for PwC made me forget that. I enjoy work again and remember why I went into this. It is a good feeling.

Once we get through the next week my focus is going to shift to figuring out how to save my house. I have talked with a lawyer who will prepare the paperwork for Jason to quick claim the house to me/sell it to dad. Once Jason is off the house I then need to refinance my mortgage and hopefully get a lower rate. The rate for the current mortgage isn't bad, but since they only looked at Jason's crap credit score and not my good one, the rate we got was not great. Whatever I get I know that I am going to be pretty poor for a while. Still I love my house and it is worth the struggle.

Tonight Mom and I have puppy class. It is the last puppy class of the session and they have a graduation for the dogs. Each dog has to pass a test and then they get a diploma saying they completed puppy school. Peanut still hates me at the moment because she is having to wear the cone of shame (my fault) and it is raining and she gets wet when she goes outside (also my fault). With her being so bitter at me I do not know if she will be willing to perform in puppy class. That dog is damn stubborn.

I need to get back to work now. Tax returns are calling. I leave you with photos of mom and dad.

Mom & Peanut in The Cone of Shame!!

Dad Eating Cake

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