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Maura's Golden Birthday

Hi Kates,

I am so excited. You will be here in less than a week. We will have so much fun. I am very excited to see Evan since I saw him only two days when I was in Chile last year. I have not been adding input into the emails with all the girls because I figured you knew I would be down for whatever. I think it would be fun to do a bbq on Wednesday because that way we could invite a few of mom & dad’s friends as well. There are so many people who want to see you, so doing a big group gathering at the house seems like a good way to see as many people as possible.

My weekend was fun. Friday night I went to BP and then over to Courtney’s house and we ate fried chicken. It was just KFC, so not nearly as good as mom’s, but it was still tasty. I think the last time I had KFC was 2000. I have had Poppy’s chicken, because Pinky loved it so I would get it in Florida sometimes, but I never eat KFC. It was greasy but better than I remember it being. At Courtney’s we hung around and played games, sang some karaoke and watched the first episode of a show called Walking Dead. Walking Dead is about zombies and is well done but very gross. I do not think you would like it. Friday is normally “knitting night,” the girls night, but since we were doing the activities at Courtney’s house we allowed boys to penis up our girls night. The night was low key but full of good friends, which is my favorite type of social environment.

Joe spent the night Friday night and then on Saturday morning we walked over to the Sunnyvale farmer’s market. I got lots of berries, a few apples and a delicious brioche. I didn’t have to be in SF until the evening so I spent the day hanging around the house with Joe and being lazy. It was very nice. Around 5 I headed to SF. Diana picked me up from the train station and because Nerissa was not ready, we went back to Diana’s and watched the Texas football game and ate some dinner. John was super nice and made up a lovely meat & cheese plate and then grilled us some sausages for dinner. We hung around watching football and eating and eventually Lauren showed up and Nerissa called saying she was finally showered.

Yummy Meat & Cheese Plate and Sausage

Diana & John Hanging Out Watching Football

We went and grabbed Nerissa and then went over to Maura’s house. Her house is HUGE and so lovely. I guess there are a lot of people living there and that is how they can afford it, but WOW. When we arrived there were already people at the house for the party and we were not even dressed, so we went down into Maura’s room to get ready. As always, getting dressed and putting on make-up was one of the best parts of the night. Everyone looked lovely. I meant to get a photo of all of us to send to you but I got distracted and failed. I think there are some on Facebook, so hopefully you can find time to check those out.

Stolen from Facebook

The party was a lot of fun. It was Maura’s golden birthday, so her boyfriend Dan went all out. It started with champagne and snacks and cake at Maura’s house and then we went to a bar called 15 Romolo. Maura’s mom made a special Dutch cake that was delicious. 15 Romolo was a speakeasy cocktail place and it is where we took the photo booth pictures I emailed you. I sat next to Maura’s mom for a chunk of time and she is very nice and fun to talk to, but she really does not like Maura’s boyfriend Dan since he seems to spend more time making Maura unhappy than happy. Maura’s mom asked that we try and get Maura out for girly things where she is reminded how fun life is and how much she is loved. Since we have plans for girly activities next Saturday and possibly Wednesday I think this is covered for now, but I am going to try and see if I can get Diana and I to plan more dinners and such.

Photo Booth Pictures Sent to Katy 09.29.12

From 15 Romolo we went to Supper Club. It is some night club decorated all with beds. It was not great but I did get an offer to have a three way with this dude I was talking to and what I believe was a female prostitute. We left the club around 1:30 and I went back to Diana’s house. There John, Diana and I watched an episode of Modern family and then I went to bed. I had never seen the show before, even though you have been telling me for years to watch it. It was pretty funny. Since I do not have TV I cannot really watch it, but if it ever shows up on Netflix I will.

Sunday morning Diana, John and I were slow getting up. They had a brunch to go to, so I texted my buddy Adam to see if he was free. He was, so I went over to his apartment and he and his boyfriend Damian made me brunch. It was really Damian making brunch and waiting on Adam and I while we sat around drinking mimosas and playing the trivia style video game You Don't Know Jack. It was so much fun! I haven't played that game since high school but it is still funny.

Damian made this amazing brunch which consisted of a bowl of fresh berries, some poached eggs, bacon and fresh homemade coffee cake. It was a masterpiece! It was great to see Adam. He is one of my best friends from PwC and I do not get to see him enough. I miss him. He told me I need to come visit him in the city more often, and I think I am going to do that. We have too much fun hanging out for me to not go see him.

After brunch Adam and Damian dropped me off at the train station and I went home and cleaned up the cottage with mom. I have made friends with one of the waitresses at Fibbar’s and she was interested in renting the cottage, so mom and I needed to get the place all cleaned up before my friend came over to check the place out. Her name is Missy and from what I know about her she is lovely. I do not know her super well, but we have been talking and bar friends for about a year now.

Missy loved the cottage and wants to rent it! This makes me very happy. I am so much more comfortable renting from someone I at least kinda know rather than from creepy stranger I find off of craigslist. I feel secure that Missy is not going to come into the house in the middle of the night and murder Susan and I in our sleep, and Missy mentioned that she is a baker, so I plan to get fat off of lots of delicious baked goods! Plus turning the cottage around rental wise so quickly makes my life a lot easier because that extra money each month makes a big difference in how easily I can afford my giant mortgage payment.

After showing Missy the cottage I went out to dinner with Joe to a new restaurant they opened in down town Sunnyvale called Bistro Mozart. It had yummy Italian food and was pretty reasonably priced. We only drank water, so I do not know how reasonably priced the wine and such is, but the pasta dishes seemed like they were several dollars less than what they would be at comparable restaurants. Plus the food was yummy, which is the most important part.

So that was my weekend. It was very food oriented, but it was all good food so that generally makes for good weekends. Plus I got the cottage rented, so that makes me extra happy. This week is going to be busy. Monday (tonight) I have BP and I am going to watch the Cowboy game with dad, Tuesday I have the class Cathleen and I are taking at Stanford, Wednesday is more BP and I might go to the Saddle Rack with Susan, Thursday I have dinner with a PwC coworker Liz, Friday I am going to WhiskeyFest in SF with Cathleen and Saturday the most important people come and visit!!!!! I wish I could just skip everything and go straight to Saturday.

Oh, one other exciting thing. Today for lunch I went to Mango's, the Jamacian place in down town PA. I have become buddies with the owner there. His name is Winston. Anyways, for being such nice loyal customers Winston gave Dad and I a free dessert with our lunch. It was a delicious bananas foster type thing. Yum yum. I love dessert and I love free, so free dessert is about as good as life gets. 

Free Dessert

Miss you so so so much!

Love Sister. 

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