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Another Email To Katy

Friday night I went out to La Fiesta with Country, Susan, Cathleen and Erin (another girl from high school). It was so delicious. After dinner we went back to Courtney’s house in Redwood City and watched the movie Dead Alive. It is a silly zombie movie and you might like it except for the gore. It doesn’t look at all real but there is a lot of it.

Saturday I went and got my hair cut & colored and then went on a pub crawl for a friend’s birthday. The woman who normally does my hair is on vacation so someone else did it and I am not as pleased. This woman cost more money and made my hair a lot lighter blond than I wanted. She did not even pretend to listen to what I was saying and just did whatever she felt like. I am fine with it, it is just hair and will grow back, but I was annoyed at paying more for someone who does less quality work. Hopefully next time the normal lady I go to will be back.

The birthday pub crawl was in SF, so I took the train up to the city. I like the train, I think it is relaxing. For pubs we went to The 21st Amendment (my favorite bar in SF), The Polo Grounds and Ozone. By the time we left Ozone a Giants game had ended and it was impossible to find space for a big group in any of the bars so we just went back to some dude’s house and drank there. The best part of the pub crawl was I met a girl named Katja Grosch who was very nice and one of those people you just click with. What was odd was she was sure she knew me from somewhere and I totally recognized her too, but we were never able to figure out how it was we knew one another. Do you recognize the name? She grew up in Chicago so I don’t know her from school or work and I cannot think how else I would have met her.

After boozing it up most of the afternoon we went to dinner at a place called Zare at Fly Trap. The food was Mediterranean style and OK but the dinner took forever. We had 7 o’clock reservations and I had plans to catch the 10:15 train home and I barely got to eat my main course. It was almost 9 when they finally served our appetizers and at 9:30 we were just getting our main courses. Since we were a large group they restaurant had arranged a fixed menu for us, so it is not like we were ordering lots of different things. It was still fun because the group was full of kind and interesting people but I would have liked to have eaten a little of the food without feeling super rushed. In the end I made my train so that it was all good.

Sunday was pretty dull. My friend Charity made by Mom & Dad’s because she will be house sitting for us and I needed to show her around. After we went to Celia’s for lunch. Yum Yum Yum. I had a very Mexican food themed weekend. I wish I could somehow bring La Fiesta and Celia’s and all your other favorite places to Texas for you.

From lunch I went to B&T. It is almost June 15th and we are going out of town, so dad and I need to get the estimates done. For dinner Mom & dad went to La Fiesta but I could not eat any more Mexican food, so instead I just chilled at home and ate leftovers. It was nice and relaxing.

So that is it for me. Let me know if there is anything else you want me to try and pick up and bring to you.


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