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Maybe I Will Start Using This Again

I never post to this journal because I never have the time to write about all the things going on in my life. Since my last entry I have gone to Chile & Argentina, Disneyland, and Las Vegas, quit my horrible job at PwC, got shit-canned by my husband, went to Carnival in Rio, started working at B&T again (with the idea of eventually taking over) and spend almost every weekend doing fun and exciting things. Though I do not have time to write in my journal, I do write my sister Katy almost every week about what has been going on in my life. Today I realized that instead of writing all new entries to this journal, I should just pick & choose parts of the emails I send to Katy to create a record.

This is my first attempt at editing my email to Kates....

I had a good weekend. On Friday I went to a place called Sky High with Susan, Robert and Courtney. Sky High has giant Giant GIANT trampolines. There are three areas. The first is nothing but a huge trampoline where tons of people bounce around. Even the walls are trampoline, so you can run into them and fly off. The second area is a long and skinny runway trampoline with a pool of foam blocks at the end you can leap into. The third, and best area, is a huge dodgeball court with trampoline as the floor. It was a lot of fun and good exercise. It seemed like something Evan would enjoy since you can jump and flip off of things and bounce off the walls. Next time Katy & Evan are in town I want to take them there.

On Saturday I went with Diana, Narissa, Maura and Lauren on the African safari. It was neat but it rained the entire time, so we were cold. I think it would be more fun in the summer when it is dry and warm. We got to see a baby zebra that was only a few days old, super ugly wilda beasts and all these other lovely animals. There were tiny antelope that were maybe a pound or two bigger than Cassie and Peanut. They are like purse dogs but deer. If you could domesticate them I bet they would be a huge pet success.

After the safari we went and got lunch and then napped a little at the hotel. When we were good and rested we went to a wine bar with a lovely view of the town square. We shared a bottle of wine and sat around and talked for a long time. All girls seem very happy and successful. Sure they had their moans and groans, but overall they are happy with their jobs and their boyfriends, so I think that is a good sign. Maura is going to Hawaii this month, Diana is starting to do some side work on her own (mostly helping John who has his own company now too), and Narissa glows every time she talks about the kids she works with. Everyone misses Katy and we can't wait to see her in Vegas!!!! June can not come too soon.

After the wine bar we went to a seafood restaurant and everything we ordered was wonderful!!! We ordered a ton of food too, so everything being delicious was an achievement. We even ordered three kinds of dessert: a warm chocolate cake with ice cream, creme brulee and a banana split. Mmmm.... It makes me hungry just thinking about all the good food. I think Maura took pictures of the food so maybe they will end up on facebook.

After dinner we just went back to the room, watched some crummy tv and went to bed. I think being wet and cold most of the day made us more tired than we would normally be. On Sunday we got up, got some coffee and then headed home. Sunday was Joey's birthday so Diana was coming all the way to Palo Alto, so she dropped me off at Dad's office. I worked Sunday afternoon and then Mom, Dad and I went to Armadillo Willie's for dinner. Yum yum yum. So much good food this weekend.

Since I was going out town Saturday night I let Jason take Peanut for a few days. I miss her but I hope she and Jason and enjoying their time together. I was only gone one night but I am letting him keep Peanut until Tuesday. I miss her a lot but I know seeing Jason will make Peanut happy.

I took Peanut to the vet on Friday because she has developed a bump/wart type thing on her side. The vet thinks it is a cyst which has to be surgically removed. She is scheduled for surgery on Friday. I know she will be fine but I am still worried. Friday night I plan to stay home, watch movies and snuggle my recovering puppy.

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