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Several months ago my mom won a weekend at a resort in Seascape, CA. Seascape is a tiny resort community between Santa Cruz and Monterey. The resort could have use a remodel, it has the 70/80's feel to it, but we paid $20 for four nights, so we cannot really complain.
While at Seascape we took walks along the beach, went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, ate tons of delicious food, drank beer while hanging out by the hot tub, went apple picking and had a bon fire.

My favourite part of the mini vacation was the aquarium. The Monterey Bay Aquarium is a leader in aquatic research and the first aquarium in the world to successfully keep a great white shark. The general rule is they keep the shark until it stops taking food, it starts eating its roommates, or it gets too big. The current shark is a male, less than a year old, and he is about 4 1/2 feet long. We got to see the feeding of the shark. The aquarium tracks the amount of food the shark eats very carefully, and it was awesome to see the power and fierceness in the way it consumed the hunks of meat they were giving it. The feeding of the shark is so neat that even the aquarium workers gather to watch the feeding.

After the feeding, while everyone was still gathered around, the great white shark went and bit the giant sun fish. The shark biting his roommate caused a huge reaction, even amongst the aquarium workers. It was not an innocent thing, the sun fish was nowhere near the shark and was just minding his own business. Then out of nowhere the shark makes a bee line for the giant sun fish and chomps down on its bottom fin. I heard the lead shark guy talking to one of the aquarium workers, and this has not happened with this particular great white before, and it looks like it might be time to move sharkie back out into the wild.

Below are some photos from my adventures in Seascape.

Mom & Dad On The Beach
From Seascape - Sept 2011

From Seascape - Sept 2011

Great White Shark
From Seascape - Sept 2011

Dad & I - We Are Awesome
From Seascape - Sept 2011

Picking Apples For Fried Pies (my mom is a sucker and agreed to make fried pies after my dad and I nagged her for two days. We win)
From Seascape - Sept 2011
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